Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meet my friend Chris.

Meet my friend Chris.


                  So get this, Chris is my long time friend from high school and he one of the smartest people I know.He even got a internship with N.a.s.a. But he has a downfall just like everyone else in this world. He has no social skills whatsoever, he spaces out when people talk with him. Check this video out of him at a party:

But you know what this guy is going to be a very powerful man with a lot of money.
In other words hes going to get what he wants when he wants!


  1. Is he gifted? He should train his social skills. Very important.

  2. Gifted In like mental Problems? No hes not. But he never ventured form our small social group thats why his social skill aren't good.

  3. haha he's quite the character!

  4. tell your friend he talks to much

  5. yo this vid would freak me the f*ck out if I was on drugs at the time lol